This work is an exploration in mapping simple, classical-mechanical systems. This series shows evidence of a metal sphere’s algorithmic, natural, and beautiful movement upon a surface. Rich, fluctuating patterns emerge which begin to describe some specifics: outcomes the system will allow–its bounds, the probability of the sphere’s path, often expressed as a progression toward randomness. 


The rotating bezel on my trusty Suunto watch wore out after persistent fidgeting, so I designed a fixed-style replacement and surface milled the part with a 0.250" ball-end-mill. Tiny 0.010" radius fillets were included in the surface milling, so there was no need to "un-sharpen" the exterior edges.


An engagement ring designed and made for a good friend. CNC machined from grade 5 titanium. The ring captures a raw diamond with a #0-80 stainless steel screw. 


A high flow, low pressure regulator designed for a pressure suit. The geometry was driven by flow calculations and fabrication considerations, and all of the machining was done on manual machines. The main body is machined out of Delrin, the components are of 6061 and various types of stainless steel.