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Datum Fabrication is a brand representing collaborative projects of Chris Platt and Darren Lee. These projects typically fall out of the for-profit-business-model realm, allowing them to create what they like, how they like to. Right now, they like bicycles. 

CNC engraved head-tubes with serial numbers: for every custom frame that is made, there is also a clone of that frame fabricated in tandem. Every clone frame bears an even serial number, and the frame for the intended rider bears an odd number. 


Before frames could be fabricated, some specialized frame building tools had to be made. Here is a seat-stay and chain-stay mitering fixture. 


Chris' No. 07 frame. 31.8mm oversized seat-tube, 1.5" head-tube.


A custom stem faceplate for a Thomson X4 bolt pattern that acts as an accessory bar and handlebar-bag mount, allowing for hand clearance toward the center of the handlebars.  


instagram: @datumfabrication